Pklinux ( Minimal distribution set for all your basic linux needs)

Pklinux is a designed to be a minimal and fast linux distribution that satisfy all your basic needs. Please read the following docs before getting any of pklinux versions. Writing several big massive linux distributions are useless in my opinion but making a small ,tiny , bugfree and specific distribution is very useful sometimes.Those distributions are created by me for myself only ;) but i just put these up on net as if they'r of some to any other person. Please send me comments and bugs about this at or .

Pklinux comes in two different flavours :-

Pklinux - mini 1.0:

PKlinux-mini is a small linux distribution intended for new users who want to get familiar with UNIX environments before putting it up on their systems. It can be used as a emergency disk to repair your DOS/EXT2/NTFS/UFS/SYSV fs partitions. It is based on the 2.3.99 pre6 kernel and is just 2.5 MB. Mutliple ramdisk and multiple loopback devices can be added to generalize your work. A wide range of general utilities are included.

Pklinux - bigi 1.0:

Pklinux-bigi is a relatively large linux distribution which is derived from Slackware 7.0 but it is based on glibc 2.2. This distribution contains can run on 386/486/586/pentium machines with only 4 MB of physical ram is required.This distribution is based on new kernel 2.4.0-test11 with several builtin features enabled like ip tunneling,firewalling,encapsulation,QOS(based on ipv4 RSVP),kernel debugging,loopback,network block device,many filesystems(ntfs,sysV etc)default support etc. It contains several daemons like apache 2.0a6,proftpd,bind 9.0, syslogd,sendmail,iptables,iproute2,gated etc. NAT configurations by iptables are included by default. It is a loopdisk base distribution which can be directly run from DOS, no hdd partitioning needed.This distribution is kept as minimal as possible and it can be useful in places where you want a low end computer to act as a firewall,webserver or mail server,router etc and can be an alternative for zipslack.

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